Sridhar Bhagavathula

Headshot of Sridhar Bhagavathula

I am a flute player living in Indianapolis. My repertoire is eclectic, but I am primarily interested in 17th and 18th century music. In 2021 I recorded my first album, The Quarantine Tapes, which consisted of works by JS Bach, GP Telemann, and WB Laybourn. That project was my first real attempt to exploit the creative possibilities of the microphone, and I fell in love with the process. I will write about music and media one day, but for now, let me point you to Glenn Gould's essay on The Prospects of Recording, which has been a major influence on my thinking.

I chat about music and its attendant matters with my friend Chris Arkin on the Impolite to Listen podcast. The show is available on all good podcast players. Imagine we are seated next to you at the bar--it may be impolite to listen in, but come on, you know you want to.

The Pedestrian is a journal of my insomniac musings on art and society. I have written about urbanism, bookstores, screen junkies, Nabokov's anxiety of influence, and so on. The only common thread running through my topics is that I am intrigued by them--if this sounds interesting to you, consider signing up for my Substack.

I have also written for Areo, a feisty little humanist magazine. In my spare time I construct crossword puzzles--here is one I made for The New York Times.

The best way to keep up with my music is to follow me on Bandcamp. I am @shreggz on Twitter and GitHub. My email is Beware, I can be rather slow to respond.